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Restaurant and Bar

The best of tropical dining with a passion for great food, seasonality, creative cocktails, open kitchen design and a relaxed atmosphere – it’s what makes us unique.

With unrestricted sea views of Gurubebilla beach our rooftop is a melting pot for the whole area. Think living room vibes but with open air and panorama views of beautiful Gurubebilla. Good music, good vibes, and good food make for a perfect sunset drink & dinner spot.

Providing authentic Sri Lankan food along with a variety of western dishes to suit all palates, the VNB Restaurant prides itself on the freshness and quality of the food it produces. The Sri Lankan breakfast is always a popular choice to start the day after an early morning surf. We offer fine vegetarian/vegan options and of course, the curries at VNB Restaurant are plentiful, varied and mouth-wateringly delicious.

Our Chefs source all the ingredients locally. The fresh fish we buy direct from our local village fisherman and Mirissa market. Other produce comes from the travelling fruit and vegetable market, where all the local growers proudly sell their specialized organic produce. The travelling vegetable market is well worth a visit and so is Mirissa Harbour for the early morning fish market where you can watch the boats landing their deep-sea catch and see the auction that follows.

Apart from turning out delicious food from the menu, our Chefs put on our famous fish-barbecue buffet which always delights. On our curry-buffet nights, a choice of eight or more authentic Sri Lankan curries are prepared with an array of fish meat and vegetarian options available, all served by our Chefs who are happy to explain the dishes. From our bar we serve up some refreshing juices, smoothies, cocktails, ice cold beers and a small selection of quality wines from morning until 10pm.

We offer you a dining experience without the fussiness, bringing you dishes that speak to your heart and provide true hospitality, every time you visit.

Nearby things to do

You want an experience, not just somewhere to sleep. Villa Naomi Beach hotel obviously plays an important part in this, especially we offer warm and friendly service and other experiential activities.

Here are some recommended tours to discover and things to do in our neighborhood to make a memorable experience.


Simple beachside restaurant, with some fancy prices and quite large dishes. The best value for money dish is the Nasi Goreng. The specialist dishes are the seafood platters, which carry a high price. There are many fresh juices and soft drinks to choose from too. This is probably the best restaurant in Waligama, outside the many tourist hotels.


Weligama is one of the most reliable surf destinations in the Indian Ocean with several famous surf points in walking distance. There is one Beach Break, the Weligama Beach Break (best for beginners), Reef Brakes are Kabalana, Midigama, Ram's Point, Plantation Point and Two Secrets Point. Surf lessons, surfboard hire and a surf camp provide all beginners or professionals are looking for.

Spa & Yoga

Find out more about the body treatments and therapies on offer at the space.

The benefits of yoga on your health and happiness cannot be over emphasized. Yoga literally will transform you- both in terms of strength and flexibility- and in both your mind and your body.

City Tour

Naomi Beach accommodation package included city tours as a supplement. There cities near weligama along the coastal area, which are famous tourists destinations such as Koggala,Unawatuna , Galle. Galle is the most famous ancient city of the country.

It has a natural harbor, Dutch fort and various interesting tourists’ destinations. Koggala and Unawatuna are famous rich beaches.

Whales Watching

Watching whales one of the finest tourist attraction close to Mirissa. Near Dondra point can be found Blue Whale, Sperm Whale in the Indian Ocean. Early in morning attend for whale watching which makes more enjoyable activity. The golden sandy beach of Mirissa perfect for lustrous relaxation. In the tropical Indian Ocean can see Sperm Whale, Blue whale, Fin whales and Bottlenose dolphin and turtles. Even in Mirissa find an opportunity to swim with Whales, that is adventurous blended joyful experience rarely feel. 9-15 nautical miles travel for watching whales and whale tour operator’s guide for proper whale watching.

Scuba Diving

The way to peep underwater means diving a great opportunity to explore the hidden mysterious things. Many qualified dive centres located around the area. There are several diving hotspots like Mirissa Point, Bridge rock, Patch Point, Yala Rock is ideal locations to enjoy the underwater. Angelfish, Parrotfish, Gropers and Butterfish can be discovered commonly. One of the most impressive dive sites with big rock formation rises to 20 m and a few meters below from water surface make the more enthusiastic and panoramic view. Turtles or Lobsters can be spotted during the dive.


The shallow water of tropical Indian Ocean an ideal platform for a snorkel. Many non-divers attend to snorkel in near Weligama. Those reefs are breathtaking and picturesque. Coral reefs are the most biological ecosystems on Earth. Many coral reefs located in this shallow water. Even though Weligama bay an ideal location for having a great snorkel tour. Many reef fishes can be found very easily.

Stilt Fishing

Weligama and surrounding areas like Koggala and Ahangama is very famous for Stilt Fishermen an old tradition for many decades. This became a major tourist allure. Stilt fishing art of living of old Ceylonese which spreader among only southern province of Sri Lanka. This is traditional an amazing fishing method which discovered by old Ceylonese. The fishermen that engage in fishing according to this fishing method with a very narrow pole which tied with a stick that fixed on the seabed is an amazing creation.

Fishermen usually doing their fishing at sunset, noon and sunrise. Fishermen are waiting many hours to capture small fish need the patient for attending this. According to the fishing, style doesn’t use bait and this is an art for a living. Koggala, Midigama, Weligama famous for this traditional process.


An ancient statue located middle of the city with many believes among Ceylonese. According to one believe the statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. The time age of the creation is not clear. According to other believe this statue was a king with a skin disease who came to Weligama for treatment made this statue, anyhow this is an amazing creation by stone. The massive rock face niche has caved both hands are raised and one fist is clenched tight while the other is in a gesture of reassurance. The hidden ancient place located in Weligama.

Snake Farm At Thelijjawila

Very near to Weligama city located a snake farm in Telijjawila. In here found many endemic venomous and non-venomous snakes. A small farm facilitates to take pictures with non-venomous snakes which an adventurous experience for guests. A great exploration where can see snakes at in freedom in front of the guest. In here can found more than 20 snakes families at one place which will help to increase great knowledge. Holding Python and take some photos to make more sense. Cobra, Viper, Krait can be found in here which recorded highly poisonous snakes in Sri Lanka. A great place to visit near Weligama never missed.

Batik Factory

Among Sri Lankan tradition Batik became one of the national emblems. Batik has incorporated fascinating motifs and colours which was one of the amazing creation. Vigorousness designs are unique to Ceylon and batik dresses suit for tropical climate. In the factory can find Handmade batiks, tablecloths, wall picture, beach clothes, ladies wears and bed covers are very popular among tourist. Weligama located many Batik factories and one of the major tra de of the city. It is one of tradition come through generation to generation.

Gem & Jewelry Factory

The gems of Sri Lanka have been famous since Biblical times. It was to Sri Lanka the Island of Gems, that King Solomon sent emissaries to procure the jewel which won him the heart of Queen Sheba. The best gems to buy in Sri Lanka are sapphires and rubies, although you can also find exquisite cat's eyes, spinels, aquamarines, blue topaz, garnets, tourmalines, amethysts, zircons, moonstones and alexandrites.

Handunugoda Tea Estate ( Virgin White Tea Plantation )

Near Weligama located virgin white tea factory a great opportunity for having pure virgin white tea leaves from Handunugoda Tea Factory which owned the plantation in Tittagalla. In here can explore about virgin tea making process and place like a museum. The tea made with an untouched hand that is why called pure tea which could attractive among world visitors annually. Having a short journey from Weligama city can be reached to this unique place and most of the people are known this place as Virgin White Tea Factory. The owners and management following Chinese rituals for tea plucking untouched process. A great location with full of knowledgeable plus joy.

Koggala Lake Boat Safari

Having boat ride in Lagoon called Koggla is the finest experience ever have. Koggala is a sandy beach located near Weligama. Koggala famous for one side reef and other part bounded to a lake. Boat ride in the lake will make more sense because that is an ideal way for relaxation because nice quiet surroundings will be brought tranquillity for you. Biodiversity of the lake is very high many endemic fish species can be found in here. Mangroves covered surrounds make great ambience and feel the natural breeze. Few islands located in this lake can be visited.

Koggala Folk Museum

Down south of Sri Lanka related to many fork history. Near to Weligama established the folk museum in Koggala Lake. Remain folk museum which presents old Ceylon living style. In the past, the museum was a home to a great novelist of Sri Lanka called Mr Martin Wickramasinghe who has written many valuable books and novels. The exhibits are well displayed for grabbing more knowledge for visitors. A great place to explore the Sinhala Tradition easily. Many things have been organized well and can found great novelist used things in here nevertheless lace works, masks, Muppets and many more grab into one place. Old Ceylon equipment properly displayed in here by preserving an old history.

The Sea Turtle Farm And Hatchery

Turtle conservation one of eco-friendly and environment conservation project for a threatened animal. Turtle hatcheries are located in several places near Koggala, Habaraduwa are famous. People who got engage with conservation program following non-profitable which dedicated to conserving one of endangering the animal. Within Sri Lanka, we can be found 05 varieties of turtles. Most of the turtles nesting their habitats around Southern Province. Hatcheries secure the lives of turtles as well as eggs, due to strong government rules and awareness people have been reduced the eating. Hatchery offers volunteer services for many works and that would be an extraordinary experience for visitors. In here can help to release baby turtles to sea that is an amazing experience ever can have

Yatagala Temple

An ancient temple in Unawatuna with more than 2,300 years ago. After several minutes’ drive from Unawatuna can reach this historic site. The temple was built by King Dewanampiyatissa and developed by other kings also. Not very crowded at always many ancient ruins located in this land. Buddha Statue made more than 2,300 years brought the magnificent stone carving methods in ancient Ceylon. Since thousand years Buddhist monks were living in this temple. There are many arts present Lord Buddha’s incidents which coloured by 100% natural materials.

Galle Fort( The Historical Old Dutch Fort)

World Heritage city with best-preserved sea fort which covered by the sea in South Asia with land extent 90 hectares. It’s superb blended of architecture which made by Portuguese, Dutch and England. You will find exudes old world within the ramparts and stone walls of the Galle fort which makes an enthusiastic panoramic view. Those remarkable memories with colonial structures may bring you back to a few centuries ago. Next to Galle fort located natural harbour. Inside of the Galle fort remains timber or masonry pillars which present a great history. Maritime Museum one of place that never misses because exhibit things show the significant things.

Udawalawa National Park

A well-known tourist destination in Sabaragamuwa Province. It is located in a dry and wet zone. National park created in the 1972 year and covers 30,821 hectares. Within National Park nestled to many endemic species. In near Udawalawa reservoir can be feed to an Elephant by your hand. That is little adventurous blended joyful experience ever can have because of feed wild elephant by hand. In National Park can be seen Leopard, Deer, Bear, Deer, and Crocodile. Also, Udawalawa is a significant place for bird watching like Sri Lanka Spurfowl, red-faced malkoha, grey hornbill, brown-capped babbler and jungle fowl are most common also there are many more birds available in here.

Sinharaja Rain Forest

In Galle District found one of other World Heritage site called Sinharaja Rainforest which nestled for thousands of animals. Within two hours journey can be reached to this great location and it accommodates for 8 endemic mammal species found here, giant squirrel, dusky-stripped jungle squirrel, badger mongoose can be mentioned. This great land made a paradise for endemic and other species of fauna according to records over 50% endemic species are living in this sanctuary. Recorded over 282 birds in here and amazing butterflies and fishes are common in here. Not even that camping in the rainforest will be an unforgettable experience for visitors.